Sail Away!

Our check-in process on the Viking Sun couldn’t have gone more smoothly, and soon we found ourselves poolside for the Sail Away celebration. There was champagne, music, dancing, and a warm welcome from the captain and crew.

We even had a surprise welcome from Viking owner Karen Hagen, who is as lovely and gracious in person as she is in the Viking commercials. She promised to re-join us in Hong Kong in a couple of months.

Viking owner Karen Hagen

We made our way around the ship to the top deck, where we were rewarded by a beautiful panoramic view of LA, and we stopped to feel grateful for the opportunity to take this world cruise.

Thanks for sailing away with us! And please check back periodically as we hope to share highlights of our journey with you.

8 thoughts on “Sail Away!

  1. Your sendoff could not have been more perfect. Can’t wait to a part of your amazing journeg thru your photos. 💚


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