Water, Water Everywhere…

Today is the fourth of seven consecutive sea days on our Viking World Wonders Cruise. It’s our longest stretch of days at sea in our entire itinerary, and we haven’t seen a glimpse of land since heading south and west out of Los Angeles, heading for Taiohae, Nuku Hiva, French Polynesia. Every day brings us warmer temperatures and fewer waves, a welcome respite from the snow we left back home.

For millennia, the seas were a source of great mystery, with legend after legend revealing stories of heroes, gods, dragons, monsters, and fantastical tales from the deep. Water is also important as the universal solvent, and is revered by healers for its incredible curative powers. Today, although we know much more from scientific research, the oceans still provide us with an enormous source of energy and peace, excitement and majesty. Every window on-board rewards us with ever-changing, phenomenal water views, and we’ve been experiencing the best of the waters available to us on the Viking Sun.

There are several different pools and water venues on the Sun. The indoor Spa Pool, with its invigorating waves and warm temperatures is a welcome reward after a vigorous work-out in the adjacent gym. The Main Pool, with its retractable glass roof, is a great place to do laps, relax by the Pool Bar, or enjoy some refreshments while walking above. Our favorite is the Infinity Pool and Hot Tub at the very aft of the ship. We had the whole pool to ourselves this morning, and it’s a wonderful, peaceful place to watch the waves go by.

And the views of the Pacific Ocean are breathtaking morning, noon and night. We’re occasionally greeted by a random seagull, although we haven’t seen much in the way of oceanic wildlife thus far.

We’re also mindful of the importance of staying hydrated, and we’re grateful to the incredible Sun wait staff for always keeping our cabin well stocked with chilled sparkling and still water, and for making my favorite “cure” for a scratchy throat: a steaming mug of tea with lots of lemon and a shot of Maker’s Mark.

So whether we’re IN the water, ON the water, or DRINKING the water, we’re happily adjusting to life at sea, and to the great gift of an abundance of water!

12 thoughts on “Water, Water Everywhere…

  1. The food (was it just yesterday) was a little too sophisticated to this pizza/pasta lover but the water!!!! That’s my idea of heaven. Continue enjoying it all!


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