A Cyclone and a Spa Day

Circumnavigating Cyclone Tino, a Category 3 topical storm that promises “heavy rain, strong winds, and rough seas to Fiji and Tonga” (our next two ports) is the goal of Captain Olav Soevdsnes in canceling our stop in Rarotonga, Cook Islands, and taking a more northerly route to Tonga. This new route reduces the projected wind gusts from 45 down to 20 knots and seas from 16-18 feet to something closer to 6-8 feet. Nonetheless, the sea is angry as we look out our balcony window, and we’re feeling confident in Captain Olav’s judgement in keeping us safe…what option do we have at this point?

Our current situation!

So we decide to head down to the first deck to spend the better part of our day in the beautiful Liv Nordic Spa and Fitness Center, and to take this opportunity to share more about this beautiful space with you. The well-equipped fitness center is open from 6:00 am until 10:00 pm, and includes several stationary bikes, treadmills, rowing machines, weight equipment, pulleys, free weights, and a variety of other fitness tools. Help is readily available, and personal trainers can be engaged by the hour to develop an individualized plan to counterbalance the many temptations from the kitchen.

After a vigorous workout (that challenges our balance and coordination!), we head to the adjacent spa for some pampering and relaxation. The spa provides an oasis from whatever else is happening in the world. A full menu of customized spa services is available, including massage, facials, Nordic bathing rituals with contrasting hot and cold therapies, steam room to snow grotto, and mineral pools. We try them all, and can honestly say that this is time well spent while sailing AROUND a cyclone!

When all is said and done, we think this might just be our favorite spot on board. We hope you’ve enjoyed our glimpse of the Viking Sun’s fitness center and spa. We try to spend at least part of every day here, and you can see that Doug feels right at home catching up on emails and the news of the day from his poolside lounge chair while the sea continues to churn beyond these protective walls.

6 thoughts on “A Cyclone and a Spa Day

  1. Really enjoying your well written journal and pictures of this extraornary experience. Hope you and the ship weathered the extreme weather without incident.


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