Back to Travel

When last we met in March, 2020 we were happy to be home from our abbreviated world cruise, safe and healthy. Much has happened since, so here’s a brief update.

We endured a global pandemic; adopted Mocha Latte, a mini-bernedoodle who has captured our hearts and made us better humans; welcomed a third grandchild Otto whom Doug took a two month motorcycle trip to help babysit; celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary; lost a best friend Al to Covid; celebrated a marker birthday for a dear friend Karen in Napa; learned how to zoom for book club, celebrations, meetings, and general catch-ups; Denise enjoyed a Viking Greek Odyssey Cruise with her sister Phyllis; and generally learned that some things in life simply can’t be controlled. To quote our world cruise captain, “it is what it is,” and our cruise director “it’s gonna’ be great!”

Doug leaving for solo moto trip to California
Mocha Latte
Grandkids Lewi, Lona, and Otto

And that brings us to today, as we embark on our long-awaited Antarctic Expedition Cruise for the inaugural season of the incredible Viking Octantis.

No thanks to Covid, everything about this trip has changed, from start date to itinerary to airline reservations to testing requirements to the cancellation of our planned visit to Buenos Aires, but after two challenging days of travel, here we are in Ushuaia, Argentina ready for adventure.

Sailing away from Ushuaia, Argentina

As we head south through the Beagle Channel, Argentina is on our port side and Chile is starboard. We’re told it’s an unseasonably sunny, mild day, and we’re not complaining! Tonight we’ll begin our trip through the Drake Passage, hoping for the lake, but prepared for the shake.

Sun setting over the Beagle Channel

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