Sibenik, Croatia

Sailing through the Saint Anthony Channel to Sibenik

If you’re ever lucky enough to visit Croatia, don’t miss Sibenik, the oldest Croatian city on the Dalmatian coast. The remarkable architecture spans centuries, having witnessed the rise and fall of empires from Byzantine to Venetian and Hapsburg to Italian. Its beautifully preserved Old Town, with narrow cobblestone streets leading past medieval homes and churches, has a quietly cosmopolitan vibe in spite of it being a small city. And for Game of Thrones fans, Sibenik’s imposing fortresses and magnificent cathedral served as backdrops for this acclaimed series.

Sibenik is home to several remarkable churches, and while most are Roman Catholic, there is still an Orthodox population. The beautiful mosaics of the Church of Saint Mary in Old Town are a beautiful reflection of this faith tradition.

Orthodox Church of Saint Mary

The imposing Cathedral of Saint James, built between the years of 1431 and 1536 stands as one of the most important Renaissance structures in all of Croatia. The elegant design of both exterior and interior incorporate the traditional Seashells of Saint James, and it’s no surprise that the cathedral is a UNESCO world heritage site.

The Cathedral of Saint James
Main sanctuary
Dome and intricate roof line
Side Altar of Saint James
Side Altar of Saint Nicholas Tavelic,
first Croatian saint
Baptistry includes ornate cherubs, scrollwork, doves, and the ubiquitous shells of Saint James

A short drive outside Sibenik took us to Krka National Park. Situated along the Krka River in southern Croatia, the park’s seven travertine barriers, waterfalls, smaller cascades, islands, and serene lakes bring locals and tourists in droves. Visitors are rewarded with sights, sounds, and fresh smells that only nature can provide.

Some of the hundreds of steps
Photographing waterfalls in bright sunlight is challenging but rewarding

The people of Sibenik, like most Europeans, bring their dogs everywhere. Seeing them makes us think of Mocha, and although we miss her terribly, we know she’s having fun with her pals at the farm. There are even built-in dog bowls along the ancient city streets!

We’ll be heading to Venice for the next few days, then back to Croatia for stops in Split and Dubrovnik. But until then, a brief rest for coffee and reflection on how blessed we are to be able to experience and share so many different places and cultures. Even the coffee cups are happy!

Clowning around in Croatia

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  1. You definitely both look like you’re in your happy place…bravo! In 2013 we visited a number of fabulous spots in Croatia but missed Sibenik. When you dock in Split if you have time visit neighboring Trogir a very interesting old city surrounded by water/canals.

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