The Viking Antares, Nile River

The beautiful Viking Antares

As we pack up to head home tomorrow, we would be remiss if we didn’t share something about our cruise boat, the Viking Antares. This lovely Egyptian vessel was built in 2007 according to the standards and specifications of Germanishcer of Lloyd’s. She has 3 propellers made by Rolls Royce and 3 engines made by Caterpillar. She’s 236 feet long, 47.5 feet wide, 38 feet high. She can cruise at 12.5 mph with the current and 10 mph against. She’s beautiful, comfortable, and cozy with a maximum capacity of 62 passengers. We cruised with a group of 57…plus those who followed along with this blog. To you we say thank you and hope you’ve enjoyed this trip as much as we have!

These are the people who make the magic happen on the Nile: First Captain Harby Aref; Hotel Manager Vivien Koszo; Program Directors Mohamed Samy (our group leader) and Salah Tawfeek; Executive Chef Paul Jackowski; Guest Services Ksenia Liubova; Maitre D’ Kinga Mikolajezyk; and Head Housekeeper Mohamed Selah. Each one led an incredible team that resulted in one of our best travel experiences to date.
Main Lobby
Any time of the day or night, the reception desk staff is ready and waiting to help with anything at all.
The Lounge where everything happens … cocktail parties, port talks, lectures, entertainment, and just a warm, relaxing venue
Another view of the Lounge
Coffee Corner with warm pastries at 5am and cookies all day. Papa Latte’s favorite place.
Cozy nook on the lower level
Captain Aref with over 50 years of experience navigating the Nile. He learned from his father starting when he was a boy. He doesn’t use any instruments, instead navigating by experience, even through the locks near Aswan. It was a smooth ride!
The Second Captain was at the helm during our bridge tour
Captain’s relaxation couch
Doug had to try it out…he was hoping for a job offer!
View from the Bridge…smooth sailing ahead
Gift Shop with some unique Egyptian items
Multi-purpose Room with books, game table and comfy chairs
Salon and Spa
Sunrise on the Sun Deck
Pool and Outdoor Shower
Sun Deck Lounging Area
The Dining Room where three delicious meals are served every day. Chefs Paul’s soups are legendary! He’s from Poland, but his entire staff is Egyptian making for some interesting twists on traditional dishes.

The food onboard is excellent! A breakfast buffet is available every day with several cooked-to-order selections as well. At lunch there’s a soup, salad, and sandwich selection as well as heavier entrees and always ice cream. Dinner has a regional specialty, different selections of meat, fish, and vegetarian, as well as the traditional “Viking” regular menu available every evening. The food and service didn’t disappoint!

Egyptian Night was spectacular!
“The Girls” Mary Rose from northern Canada, Helen from New Zealand and yours truly

The entertainment is amazing! In addition to the lounge pianist, different groups came onboard to enrich us with traditional music and dance. The Whirling Dervish show was spectacular! And the Nubian singers and dancers on Egyptian Night added a chance for lively “audience participation.” So much fun!

Dervish Ramadan
Then he lit up!
The Dervish Band Achmed, Achmed, and Achmed
Nubian performers wore traditional costumes and danced in perfect unison “Temptations style!”
The Nubian horse gave me a kiss!
Nubian chief…we both danced and chanted
with him. He really got the audience going! His song was “Proud I am of my Nubian culture” translated by our guide.

Our stateroom was huge and had every creature comfort a weary traveler could ask for including a French Balcony. It far exceeded every expectation!

Writing Desk
Sitting Area
Bathroom with jet soaking tub and shower
Farewell Toast with the amazing team
Until we meet again

9 thoughts on “The Viking Antares, Nile River

  1. Wow, so many comments…Achmed, Achmed and Achmed = LOVE! Also, had no idea the ship had so few passengers, the sun deck and pool look extremely inviting especially on those hot days and your room, or suite is magnificent!!! Thank you a million times for taking us all along on this once in a lifetime journey! I still think you need to blow up and frame the picture of the 2 of you on the camels, Denise holding on for dear life to Doug! Safe travels back to the US! I’m sure you will be so happy to see the puppy and the grandkids!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You know we wish you safe, smooth travels home! We have enjoyed each segment of this
    exciting, beautiful trip with the two of you. Your stunning photos and blog constantly
    brought back wonderful memories for us of our time spent in the colorful, vibrant Egypt.
    Now, back to your lovely home, family and friends.💗

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Ksenia Liubova ,
    Thank you for all you do ! Seeing your smile in the morning made everyone’s day . You’re also very helpful . Safe travels to you and all of the staff .


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